Ipack thermoformed trays are suitable for all packaging systems
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Ipack has developed thermoformed trays structurally suitable to be used on all packaging system: heat sealing, flow-pack, stretch film, BDF (barrier shrink film for MAP) thus replacing the use of plastic and aluminum materials.
Conventional oven
200°C for 60 mini
800 w for 8 min
and functional
The ideal solution for direct consumption in the package
It does not release harmful elements in food, even at high temperatures
The pure cellulose tray with PET coating
• Is suitable for cooking and heating up, both in conventional and microwave oven
• Guarantees grease and liquid tightness
• Is the ideal solution for direct consumption of food in the package
• Can be customized with food safe inks (Flexographic printing)
• Is recyclable with paper products (B Category, according to Aticelca classification)
The tray with reinforced rim

The reinforced rim is covered by industrial patent and is the ideal solution for increased stiffness and non-deformability, whatever the size of the tray. Compared to the base version, the tray with reinforced rim has the following features:

• exceptional mechanical resistance, for an easy and functional handling
• non deformability in all conditions of use (heating up, cooking and preservation in freezer and fridge) and with all packaging systems (flow pack, stretch film, BDF_ barrier shrink film for MAP, heat sealing)

Also in the reinforced version, the tray is recyclable with paper products in B category (Aticelca classification)

The biodegradable tray

The pure cellulose tray with PLA coating is the answer to the fast growing market demand to use biodegradable and compostable containers that can reduce the environmental impact in accordance with current legislation.

The tray, suitable for heating up of food products, can be used in the following conditions:

• conventional oven, up to 175°C for 15 min (max)
• microwave oven, up to 800W for 6 min
• Heat sealing with BIO film (100% biodegradable package)

Ipack manufactures the bio container also with reinforced rim, heat sealable with universal film.

The PLA container is the ideal product for preservation and direct consumption of pasta, salads, cous cous, fruits and vegetables.

Customized trays
Trays may be customized with colors, brands and images according to the client requirements with a high graphic quality. Paperboard is printed in Flexography with water-based inks, certified for indirect food contact and resistant to high temperatures.